Collaboration Between Artists And Health-Care Leaders Teaches

New artworks created by artists and health-care professionals that reflect the impact of COVID-19 on health systems and people working in them are part of a new project. Topsy Turvy is the culmination of this collaboration. It is an interactive digital exhibition create by Maridulu Budyari Gumal SPHERE, the Knowledge Translation Strategic Platform. This interactive […]

Drilling Program Brings Potential Health And Social Issues

Policies and decisions that promote program systematic dispossession, overincarceration. And poverty have repeatedly caused harm to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Janine Mohamad, Zoe Staines, and their colleagues highlighted the wide range of cultural determinants. That affect health and were not addressed in the government’s Closing the Gap program. They gave examples of how […]

Public Image Of Economics Is Bad News Secret Men’s Business

What does economics actually mean? Ask anyone on the street, and they will most likely tell you that economics is all about money and earning money. Economics is not just about studying money. There is another side to economics that most people don’t know. This message needs to spread to get more students interest in […]