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Kids Come First was created with the support and encouragement of Mary Conyers formally of Protect Every Child. Our seminars are designed to bring awareness to adults and children.  We feel that by supplying this information through our program we would be able to make children aware of the dangers they face when approached by an online predator.


        Our Seminar Program:


How can you protect your family from being victimized?  Answer: Knowledge is power.  Kids Come First volunteers their time to conduct seminars in schools, churches and civic organizations. Our materials include a DVD, “Safety on the Internet” designed for children and is free of charge, compliments of Protect Every Child.  Kids Come First provides parents with a better understanding of how "Internet Predators" can manipulate their children and the techniques they use.

 Our Goal:


To prevent another child from becoming a victim, once a victim, always a survivor!  This is not an elite group that anyone would want to become a member.  In order to achieve optimum results we must spread the word.  We strongly feel that the best way to accomplish this is to reach out on a personal level to the general public, while working in conjunction with Law Enforcement, providing information and the opportunity to ask questions.  Being proactive in this regard is the only way to prevent another family from becoming a statistic.

Why We Do This:


Every day more children are becoming victims. Statistically, one (1) out of five (5) children will fall prey to some form of sexual abuse. How many more children will  become survivors ? The staggering number of these crimes are overwhelming.  The best way to support our law enforcement in their efforts to keeping our communities safe is by educating the public on the safety measures that can be taken.


Personal History:


Barbara Black,  President and Founder of Kids Come First, is a survivor of sexual child abuse.  She has over the years, studied the persona of sexual predators and through her experience, knows the devastating effects of being victimized and the trauma that will ensue.  She has dedicated her time to educate, protect and heal others when given the opportunity.


Gene Black,  President and Co-Founder of Kids Come First, is a secondary survivor.  He, too, over the years has studied the persona of sexual predators and through his experience has a working knowledge of what the family must endure in the aftermath of these horrific situations.


Jody Wheet,  Vice President of Kids Come First. Jody is a dedicated Police Officer with the Herkimer Police Department in upstate New York and manages the MySpace page for his agency and is involved in computer forensics. He is married, the father of two and has deep concern for the safety and protection of children on the internet.


Brian Brunault,  Project Lead Detective of Kids Come First is an Investigator with the Newburyport, MA Police Department.  Brian, following in his great-grandfathers footsteps, is a 30 year career officer with the same department. With all his investigative experience from suicide to identity theft; Brian's greatest gradification is to investigate, identify, arrest, expose and convict child predators. The time he spends investigating crimes committed against children are immeasurable and we are honored to have him as part of our team.


Melanie GilbertSenior Representative of Kids Come First North Carolina and assistant to Headquarters is a mother of two children and is dedicated to the cause of child safety.


To schedule a "Safety on the Internet" seminar in your area,  please contact Kids Come First Headquarters at (919) 934-8606. 
Thank you.

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