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Kids Come First is requesting that all Law Enforcement Agencies across the country create a MySpace account. With this being established children will be able to add Law Enforcement to their MySpace friends list.
This will provide children with the opportunity to report if they have been inappropriately contacted and may serve as a deterrent to Internet predators that are seeking to harm them.  Now help is just a mouse click away!
Kids Come First has established MySpace accounts.  Please feel free to visit our MySpace blog entitled "Project LE FRIENDS"  from the links below and contact us via e-mail should you choose to participate in the program.
All Law Enforcement Agencies placed on our LE Friends List have been verified and have approved being placed on our blog.  We thank each of them for their efforts and for joining us in this endeavor.

We encourage all children to participate in Project LE Friends and add a layer of protection to their social networking experience.

Together we can make a difference! 

"Kids Come First"  
 MySpace Links:

Please visit the websites to the Law Enforcement Agencies that have linked our website to their home pages. 
Thank you for your continued support.

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